Black Architects in the Making [BAM]

BAM is a not-for-profit program focused primarily towards educating middle and high school students about architecture. BAM workshops are led primarily by black professionals who volunteer their time to immerse themselves in underserved communities where children live, learn and play, to awaken their interest in architecture and the construction industry. Our workshops vary and consist of a series of creative fun games, presentations, physical model building, creating color boards, as well as hands-on computer model making sessions.

We consider ourselves seed planters in that we do not expect our efforts to immediately affect the statistic mentioned above however, we are seeing reasons to believe our efforts have already started sprouting roots and we’re showing healthy signs of growth. We have identified a part of the problem is black students are largely unaware of the architectural profession and so naturally, part of the solution must be to educate black American students about the profession.

In 2016, 3 BAM students were sponsored to attend the Architects in the Making (AIM) Summer Camp at the University of Miami, School of Architecture. Last year, that number increased to 6. We are excited to report this year, 30 BAM students have confirmed their interest to attend the annual AIM camp. We’ve secured sponsorship from local architectural firms for many already. The AIM Summer Camp will be held July 9th-20th and for the first time we’ll have a great representative of black students at this event! Everyone will benefit from a diversity of ideas.

While BAM primary focus is towards black students, it is an equal opportunity program and as such students regardless of ethnicity are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Thank you to The Awesome Foundation for supporting our BAM students which may have just changed the trajectory of a kid’s life – THANK YOU!

Craig Aquart, AIA, CSI
Founder and Chair, Black Architects in the Making (BAM)
Vice-Chair, Architects in the Making (AIM)
Director, AIA Miami Chapter

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