Havana Art Deco Architecture and Design presented by Copperbridge Foundation


Date: 12/15/2020

Time: 6:00 pm

Travel online with Copperbridge and top Cuban Art Deco experts, Universo Garcia and Pepe Menendez, as we take a historic tour of the unique Art Deco architectural gems throughout the city and the rich history of Art Deco graphic design by Enrique Garcia Cabrera in Havana, Cuba.

From iconic structures such as the Bacardi Building, America Theater, and the Lopez-Serrano, to small ArtDecohomes, we will also look at some newly-remodeled ArtDecobuildings which are now used for private businesses such as boutique hotels and restaurants.

Copperbridge Foundation (CBF) understands the importance of protecting, preserving, and documenting Art Deco and have worked to promote this rich heritage. CBF published the Havana Art Deco Architectural Guide by Dr. Maria Elena Martín and organized TWO World Congresses on Art Deco.

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