Space Situations 3D Virtual Tour: Dialectics of Art in Collaboration with Architecture


Date: 03/05/2020 - 12/31/2020

Time: All Day

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Space Situations portrays the work of artists that, through their creative speech,
have collaborated with architects and designers in creating one of a kind monumental
buildings and spaces.

This exhibition is inspired by the work of artist-focused atelier, Articruz, a pioneer in the
interaction of the urban space and art with a focus on Carlos Cruz-Diez’ monumental work,
Kennex Plaza in Panama. The exhibition includes all aspects of the design process and
artistic collaboration.

“The works that I create in urban spaces and buildings are part of a plastic discourse
generated in time and space that creates situations and chromatic events which change the
dialectic between the spectator and the work. Unlike medieval and renaissance artists and
the Mexican muralists, my works do not contain referential discourses. They are the medium
for an event that happens in the reality of time and space, changing according to the
movement of the light and the distance between the work and the spectator. They are
independent situations devoid of anecdotes in which the spectator discovers color as it
comes into being and disappears, without past or future, in a perpetual present.”
Cruz-Diez Paris, 1996

When art and architecture meet they create a one of a kind experience for both the people
within the building and the viewers outside of it. The result of the interaction of space, light,
environment, color, art and design is the singularity of each moment someone experiences
with the building or urban space. No moment is the same. In past years the intervention of
art in architecture has seen a boom. Nevertheless the artists exhibited in this program have
worked with this medium for years and are pioneers in the realization of historic pieces that
are now part of the urban landscape of many cities.